EIL Ecuador: Gender training

On Tuesday, October 22nd, we were honored with a visit of the Director of Fundación Equidad, Efraín Soria.

EIL Ecuador´s staff attended a training on Gender Approach and Identity. During the talk, several issues were addressed in order to create conscience, so that EIL´s staff will become allies who contribute to educate society to achieve justice and to understand diversity in all its forms. Some of the themes that Mr. Soria explained were homophobia, homosexuality, sexual diversity, gender diversity and sexuality.

At the same time, he described the history of the NGO and its invaluable work to defend the rights of the LGBTI community. These trainings are extremely enlightening for EIL Ecuador, since these go hand in hand with our mission to promote peace and tolerance among the peoples.

This learning will certainly be shared with our students and host families!

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