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The perfect program for groups of high school or university students who want to travel Ecuador.

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 Travel Ecuador: Educational Trips

The “Study & Travel in Ecuador” programs are ideal for groups from university or college during the semester break.

viajes 3These trips put participants in touch with Ecuador´s incredible bio-diversity and various indigenous and mestizo cultures. Activities may include living with Ecuadorian families, excursions, and lectures combined with field trips to the Andean Highlands, the Amazon rainforest, the cloud forest, and the Galapagos Islands.

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Possible activities

  • Living with EIL Ecuador host families
  • Spanish classes at EIL Ecuador Language Center
  • Excursions to different Ecuadorian regions
  • Field trips
  • Lectures about Ecuadorian and Latin American politics, economic and social affairs
  • Contacts with Ecuadorian teachers and students
  • Volunteer opportunities

(The program may include all or some of the above-mentioned activities)


The educational trips are normally for one week or more.
The program is available all year around.
The cost depends on the length of the program and requested activities.

viajes 2What are you waiting for? Travel and study  with EIL!

Costs EIL Ecuador

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How long is the program?

It is a minimum of one week (some trips are longer)

When do the programs start?

Depends on the wishes of the group

Where will I stay?

Homestay or other types of accommodation

What kind of activities can I do?

- Educational visits of interest to cultural and/or archaeological areas,  cloud forest, rainforest, coast, Andes, Galapagos etc.

- Presentations on culture, history, ecology etc.

- Supporting communities developing projects

- Participate in Spanish or Kichwa classes

How many people can there be in a group?

5 or more people accompanied by a group leader or teacher

We are social!

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