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Preparation Course in Spanish: SIELE and DELE

Boost your command of Spanish with a SIELE or DELE course. Earn internationally recognized certifications and open doors to new academic and professional opportunities.

Why take the SIELE and DELE preparation course?

The EIL preparation courses present various interactive activities, with exam strategies, which provide the student with tools to successfully face all the tests.

Why take the course at EIL Ecuador?

The EIL Ecuador SIELE and DELE preparation course offers a perfect combination of personalized classes, high quality materials and highly trained teachers that will help you achieve success in your exams.

We accompany you throughout the process.

The staff of EIL Ecuador and its associates are trained to provide you with complete advice. Our hands-on, targeted approach will give you the skills and confidence to achieve outstanding results.

Don't wait any longer to become an expert in Spanish!

Preparation Course in Spanish: SIELE and DELE

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If challenges don't intimidate you and you value personal growth, the cultural exchange experience can be incredible.


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