High School Exchange Abroad

Exchange Programs in the country of your choice

Go on exchange and become part of a foreign host family, go to high school, and speak the country’s language. Have a unique experience of cultural exchange!

Exchange Program - Programs Abroad - EIL Ecuador

Exchange program for six moths or one year

Become part of a family and attend a school for 5 or 10 months in the country of your choice; You can go to Switzerland, France, Canada, Germany, USA, or Ireland, among others.

By going abroad on an exchange program, you will improve your proficiency in the native language of the country.

What an opportunity! … to speak another language with sufficiency to access a different academic system as well as to live, understand and appreciate other cultures. Be the protagonist of an international experience, make new friends and, most importantly, grow as a human being.

Intercambio 10

We invite you to be part of this great experience!


  • Be a high school student
  • Age: 16 to l8 years
  • Intermediate language level of the chosen country
  • High motivation and relative maturity
  • Have an academic average of at least 70%  in the past three years of study
  • Personal interview with the program coordinator EIL Ecuador
  • Have a passport valid for more than 6 months

Exchange includes

  • Living with a family in the country you choose
  • Airport pick-up service
  • 3 orientation workshops prior, during and after the exchange program
  • Enrolment in a public school
  • Supervision and monitoring of a local coordinator during exchange program
  • Visa application assistance
  • Sponsorship and support of our national office and of our partners abroad
  • Accident and health insurance
Costos EIL - Exchange Program - EIL Ecuador

Our partners  for the exchange programs:


Escribanos ahoraFor further informationinfout@eilecuador.org


When do I need to apply?

For the coastal education schedule, the applications should be sent to us before October. For the Andes education schedule, the applications should be sent to us before March

How old should I be to apply?

Between 15 and 18 years old

Do I need to receive a student in exchange in my house as well?


What is the application process?

1. English tests at the EIL Ecuador office

2. Payment of the administration fee

3. Hand in your application

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