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Academic Exchange student – EIL Ecuador

Alexander Orozco, a high school exchange program participant from EIL Ecuador in Ohio, United States.  He has excelled in his high school´s basketball team, and received several awards. We share the tribute made to him due his outstanding participation in the sports field during his

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SIT Study Abroad Spanish Classes closure

EIL Ecuador receives two groups of SIT study abroad with focus on ecology per year, these groups not only study sciences such as Biology or Ecology but they also learn, practice and improve their Spanish in our Language Center. The students of this semester participated

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Spanish Classes in Quito

We invite you to become acquainted with all the surrounding areas of Ecuador, and if we add a stop in Quito in our Spanish Language Center, we can assure you an unforgettable experience!! EIL offers Spanish classes and to reinforce your learning, you can practice it

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General Assembly – Spain 2018

Once a year, EIL Federation´s members meet to discuss various subjects, this year it will be about #Education Abroad around the world, always by the hand of the understanding among the people and promoting world peace.

Welcome to our new Academic Director of Spanish

On April 1st, EIL Ecuador welcomed its new Academic Director of Spanish, Vladimir Loyo, to the team. Vladimir has degrees in Teaching Spanish as a Second Language and in Tourist Administration. He also has more than twenty years experience as a Spanish teacher in Ecuador

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EIL Ecuador, authorized center to take SIELE exam

EIL Ecuador has been qualified as an authorized center to take the SIELE exam, which is recognized internationally. The International Service of Evaluation of the Spanish Language (SIELE) is a new service of evaluation and certification of Spanish. The SIELE is a domain test that

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Since 2012, EIL Ecuador has worked together with the National University of Chimborazo (UNACH) in several projects; such as training of their English teachers. Given the journey of our Language Center and the good relationship between UNACH and EIL Ecuador, UNACH invited EIL Ecuador to

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In July, EIL Ecuador´s Director, Sonia Flor, was interviewed by EL COMERCIO´s staff. In an article of La Familia magazine, our programs abroad for Ecuadorians are described. We have summer camps, internships, volunteering, high school academic year, homestays, and language programs. EIL Ecuador with more

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Verónica Guerrero, started her Au-Pair program in the United States in 2016, and because of the excellent experience she had with her American family, they agreed to extend the program for another year. Vero, tells us what it’s like to be an Au-Pair: “For me,

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In July, EIL Ecuador signed an agreement for English training on Aeronautics for air traffic controllers of Fuerzas Armadas del Ecuador. This, in order to subsequently pass the ICAO Level 4 Accreditation Examination. This is the first of three groups to be trained at EIL

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