High School Exchange: Ecuador

Experience new things, go on exchange in Ecuador

Become part of an Ecuadorian family and attend high school for your 5 or 10 month exchange in Ecuador.

Exchange Year Program in Ecuador - Live in Ecuador - EIL Ecuador

One year or semester exchange in Ecuador

Knowing Ecuador is a rewarding experience!

An extraordinary country with warm and hospitable people.

It goes beyond sightseeing because you discover Ecuador with Ecuadorians.

We offer you the opportunity of a lifetime: an abundance of cultural experiences, family life, language learning, and traveling.

Become part of an Ecuadorian family while attending school for 5 or 10 months in Ecuador!


It is a great opportunity!  Speak Spanish with sufficiency, access a different academic system, live, understand and appreciate other cultures.  Be a protagonist of an international experience, make new friends and, most importantly, grow as a human being.

Intercambio Ecuador 2 (2)

We invite you to be part of this great experience!


  • Visa 12-VIII Exchange
  • Age: between 15 and 18 years
  • Spanish level: minimum A2
  • Flexibility in adapting to a new culture and academic system


  • Academic year: 10 months (September to June)
  • Academic semester: 5 months (September to December)

High school includes

  • Living with an Ecuadorian host family
  • Attendance at an Ecuadorian school
  • Pre-program orientation in Quito
  • Spanish classes in Quito
Costs EIL Ecuador

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How can I apply?

In order to apply for the program, please enter the following link: http://federationeil.org/what-to-do/high-school-study-abroad/ to apply for the program.

What is the duration of the program?

5 or 10 months

When does the program begin?

The one year high school program starts in September. The 6 months high school program starts in September or January

When do I need to apply?

4 months before the program begins

Which cities offer the high school program?

Smaller cities in the Andean region in Ecuador.

What are the program requirements?

- Be between 15 and 17 years old

- Speak Spanish

- Be interested in getting to know a new culture

Where will I stay?

You will be staying with a host family

We are social!

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