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Ecuadorian Quechua Classes (Kichwa)

Connect with indigenous culture and enrich your learning experience with EIL Ecuador’s Kichwa classes.

Why learn Kichwa at EIL Ecuador?

Receive a quality education, personalized classes, native teachers and the opportunity to practice in a culturally rich environment. Learn Kichwa effectively while immersing yourself in the vibrant indigenous – Ecuadorian culture.

What do our Kichwa classes include?

Personalized classes with native teachers, class materials, interactive practices, endorsed certification. Also for non-resident students: reception at the airport and
advice for the visa application.

What modalities do we have in our classes?

We have different types of Kichwa classes, we adapt to your needs and requirements, in this way we guarantee that learning is more effective. Individual, group and specific classes.

Discover everything that the Kichwa and its Ecuadorian indigenous culture have to offer you!

Ecuadorian Quechua Classes (Kichwa)

About the Program

Learning Kichwa at EIL Ecuador is a unique opportunity to connect with the rich Ecuadorian indigenous culture, understand ancestral traditions, strengthen ties with local communities, and enrich your intercultural learning experience


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