Learning Spanish is easier if you live in a country where it is spoken.

Clases de español para fines específicos

Spanish preparation classes

We offer group or individual preparation courses for the SIELE and DELE international exams.

At EIL Ecuador, our classes are aimed at teaching the structure of the exam, through homework, tests, the grading system, etc.

Siele Dele

Preparation course to accredit your level of Spanish

We have certified, highly qualified teachers, who adapt to your needs, both at your level of Spanish proficiency and your way of learning the language.
Both the SIELE and the DELE exams assess the same communicative competences, so the courses focus on learning and practicing the following language skills in Spanish:
Reading comprehension
Listening comprehension
Written expression and interaction
Oral expression and interaction

expresión y comprensión


The EIL preparation courses include diverse interactive activities, with strategies for the exams, tricks and tips that provide students with clues to reflect on their answers and successfully face all the tests.
The practice of language skills contains activities or samples of real texts (auditory or written), with recurring themes in the exams (health, culture, education, travel)
If you are currently in another country, take EIL Ecuador´s Spanish classes online!
The Language Center is strategically located in a residential area of Quito, in the EIL Ecuador Building, and has well-equipped classrooms, a cafeteria and a spacious terrace. Two blocks from the Language Center, you can access public transportation.

Show your level of Spanish! Study at EIL Ecuador


  • Valid passport for at least 6 months
  • If your stay is longer than 3 months, you´ll need a visa
  • International medical insurance


  • The Spanish course for specific purposes is available at any time of the year
  • Each course lasts 40 hours
  • Schedule of 2, 3, 4 or 5 hours a day from Monday to Friday

Courses for specific purposes include

  • Placement exam before starting the course
  • Individual or group classes
  • Materials
  • Advice for the visa application
Costs EIL Ecuador

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Does EIL Ecuador have qualified teachers?

Yes, EIL Ecuador´s Spanish teachers are certified and qualified to prepare students for these international exams

What materials do the teachers use in the Spanish classes?

SIELE and DELE Handbooks and sample exams

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