Group Kichwa (Ecuadorian Quechua) Classes

In Ecuador, we offer Kichwa (Ecuadorian Quechua) classes for small groups led by certified teachers

Group Kichwa (Ecuadorian Quechua) classes are designed to achieve effective learning alongside other students.

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Small Groups Kichwa Classes

¡Kuntisuyo ricuykunawan kichwa shimita yachakupaychi!

Learn the Kichwa language and gain an understanding of the Andean world’s  cosmovision!

Kichwa is a variety of Peruvian Quechua. It is the most spoken indigenous language in Ecuador, Peru and Bolivia. Ecuadorian Kichwa is used throughout the Andean Highlands and the Amazon. Although there are dialectal variations, it is not an obstacle for the different groups to understand and communicate with each other.

The Ecuadorian EIL Language Center has created a highly communicative interactive method for teaching Kichwa that focuses on two areas; a functional linguistic communication system, and historical-cultural artifacts belonging to the Kichwa people. Stories, legends, songs and poems, will give you a comprehensive view of how Kichwa is spoken and a feeling for indigenous culture in Ecuador.

Our native – speaking teachers will respond to your needs and concerns.
“Alli punlla tiu-tiakuna”… We’ll start with greetings, everyday communication phrases, vocabulary, and structures to talk about life, work, today, yesterday and tomorrow. Then we study history, what the Spanish conquest meant, how it came to “educate the runa (the man)” in a different system, where the “Pacha Mama” no longer received the veneration it deserves as a provider of life. We will analyze ancestral traditions and customs, the struggles for respect and recognition, achievement, preservation of indigenous identity over time, current accomplishments, the beginning of indigenous movement into the life and politics of Ecuador, what their goals are, and the path they still follow.

Our Language Center is strategically located in a residential area of Quito. The EIL building has classrooms, a library, a meeting room, cafeteria and a spacious terrace.  Public transport is two blocks from the center for easy access to any part in the city.


Learn the language of the Ecuadorian ancestors!


  • Age: 16 years and older
  • Minimum group of 5 people and maximum of 7
  • Desire to discover a new world full of mysteries and myths

For international students:

  • High intermediate-advanced knowledge of the Spanish language in order to interact in the life and culture of Ecuador (B2)
  • Have a passport valid for more than 6 months
  • If you are planning to stay longer than three months, you  will need a visa
  • Health insurance

Group classes include

  • Placement test before classes begin
  • Group classes
  • Materials
  • Certificate endorsed by the Ministry of Education
  • Airport pick-up service for non-resident students
  • Assistance with visa application for non-residents
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Preguntas frecuentes

How many students are there in a group?

A minimum of 5 students and a maximum of 7 students

Will I get a certificate?

Yes, you will receive a certificate from the Ecuadorian Ministry of Education and from EIL Ecuador

Do the teachers have professional degrees?

Yes, our teachers have multilingual university titles

Are the teachers native Kichwa speakers?

Yes, they are all native Kichwa speakers. 

Kichwa has more than 108 dialects, at EIL Ecuador we teach a unified Kichwa

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