English For Kids

One-on-one classes of English for kids

English for kids in individual classes designed to reinforce school learning.

English for Kids - Language Center - EIL Ecuador

English Classes for Kids (Individual Tutoring)

We are distinguished by the quality and efficiency of our language instruction.

Individual tutoring to reinforce the English they have in their school.

All of our teachers have an international teaching qualification for English (TESOL),

Course description

  • We adjust our weekday schedule depending on your needs and your Professor´s availability
  • Placement test before starting the course


  • Tutoring is available at any level. Classes offered:
    • Beginner classes (Pre-A1)
    • Elementary classes (A1, A2, A2+)
    • Intermediate classes (B1, B1+)
    • Upper Intermediate classes (B2, B2+)
    • Advanced classes (C1)

Individual courses vary in length, according to students’ needs.

Classes for children include

  • Personalized tutoring
  • Materials
  • Certificate endorsed by the Ministry of Education
Costs EIL Ecuador

For more information: infoenglish@eilecuador.orgcorreo

Preguntas frecuentes

Which ages can attend English classes?

The classes are designed for children between 4 and 12 years old

How can I plan the classes for my child?

Please contact infoenglish@eilecuador.org to plan the classes

We are social!

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