ELE Spanish Teacher Training (SFL)

Spanish Teaching Training (ELE – SFL)

Online certification for Spanish as a Foreign Language teachers (ELE).

ELE Spanish Course (SFL) - Accreditation - EIL Ecuador

Training for Spanish Teachers (ELE – SFL)

EIL Ecuador and Español Intensivo (Intensive Spanish Ecuador) have designed online training for Teaching Spanish as a Foreign language (ELE).

Developed by international teaching / learning experts of Spanish as a Foreign Language, this course will give you the necessary skills and strategies to teach Spanish to foreigners of any nationality and at any level of language proficiency.

The course covers aspects ranging from language teaching, grammatical foundations, structure, spelling, and punctuation. It also covers curriculum planning and evaluation of the linguistic process.

This profession allows you the satisfaction to observe the evolution of the language proficiency of your students, who will be able to interact in Spanish with people around them.  Additionally, you will be an ambassador of Spanish and Hispanic cultures.

Perfect your profession, and take advantage of developing of your skills for teaching Spanish for foreigners!

Who can apply?

  • Age : minimum 18 years old
  • Hold a Bachelor’s degree
  • Spanish Level : Minimum B2 for non- Spanish-speaking foreigners


  • The course lasts 5 months
  • Registration year round

Training ELE Teachers includes

  • Practical guide for managing the Moodle virtual platform
  • Customized tutorials
  • Online course materials
  • Certificate endorsed by the SETEC (Secretaria técnica de capacitación)

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How does studying online work?

It consists of materials that you need to read and follow with related exercises

Do we have a tutor?

Yes, there is a tutor for each of the learning modules who will respond the questions you may have as well as monitor and give advice via email and/or telephone

How long is the course?

5 months

Is there a set schedule?

No, the schedule depends on the student. You can enter the platform at any time

Will I get a certificate?

Yes, you will receive a certificate from  SETEC (Secretaria técnica de capacitación profesional).

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