EIL Ecuador, authorized center to take SIELE exam

EIL Ecuador has been qualified as an authorized center to take the SIELE exam, which is recognized internationally. The International Service of Evaluation of the Spanish Language (SIELE) is a new service of evaluation and certification of Spanish. The SIELE is a domain test that certifies the degree of competence in the Spanish language.examensiele2

EIL Ecuador, offers to the interested parties the possibility of obtaining this certificate digitally.  We adapt to the applicant´s needs putting at their disposal flexible schedules for taking it. In addition of doing it in an agile way, EIL Ecuador always ensures its quality by putting up the technology means and the tests development supervision.

The SIELE exam consists of four tests  to what the language comprises:

  • Reading comprehension (CL)
  • Listening comprehension (CA)
  • Written expression and interaction (EIE)
  • Oral expression and interaction (EIO)

EIL Ecuador, together with its Spanish department, offers this option to all those who wish to prove their mastery in the Spanish language, whether they have Spanish as a foreign, second or mother tongue.   EIl Ecuador has thought-out about obtaining this accreditation for young people and adults, the SIELE is an especially suitable option for people who need a fast accreditation for admission to a university or application for a new job.

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