About EIL Ecuador

 The Federation of the Experiment in International Living, FEIL, held its 2017 General Assembly from May 8th to May 12th, 2017, at the JW Marriott Hotel in Quito. FEIL members from Ireland, the United Kingdom, Germany, Spain, Italy, Morocco, the United States, Mexico, Guatemala, Chile, Japan, New Zealand and Ecuador were in attendance at this international assembly and participated in the planning of activities of their respective member organizations.feilaniver

In the context of the annual General Assembly, the Federation of the Experiment in International Living celebrated its 85th anniversary as a pioneer in the development of intercultural exchange programs, which serve to foster peace through understanding between peoples.

eilaniverThe Experiment in International Living Ecuador
is celebrating its 40 year anniversary constructing a culture of peace through understanding between Ecuador and the world. Mrs. Anne Lalley de Alvear, a visionary U.S. citizen motivated by her love for Ecuador, founded the organization in 1977. Today, EIL Ecuador is a non-profit organization that offers intercultural exchange and volunteer programs, as well as language instruction, to Ecuadorians and participants from around the world, thereby pursing its mission.


The Experiment in International Living in Ecuador

Experiment in International Living (EIL) was established in Ecuador in 1977. Its founder, Mrs. Anne Lalley de Alvear, a visionary woman and passionate promoter of cultural exchange, registered EIL Ecuador as a nonprofit organization that promotes the exchange between people of different cultures, religions and ages. Each of its programs promotes international understanding and respect between peoples.

EIL Ecuador has over 40 years of experience in the field of cultural exchange and more than 27 years of experience teaching languages.

anne-lalleyAll programs offered by the EIL Ecuador meet the highest quality standards. To make this possible, EIL has established cooperation agreements and partnerships with the excellent educational institutions.


The Experiment in International Living, EIL Ecuador, is exclusive member in Ecuador of the FEIL, Federation of the Experiment in International Living, in Ecuador. It has been declared a non- governmental institution organization (NGO) category II by the Economic and Social Council of the United Nations since 1978 and the European Council since 1981.

In 1989 the Federation EIL was recognized as a messenger of peace organization by the Secretary of United Nations.

The Federation EIL is a member of WYSE: The World Confederation of  Travel and Education for Young Students, the largest network of professionals in youth and student travel.

EIL Ecuador maintains representations and memberships in the World Learning School for International Training Graduate Institute, the Ecuadorian American Chamber of Commerce, the Ecuadorian Association of Schools of Spanish of Ecuador and The Forum on Education Abroad.

Over the years, EIL Ecuador has built a strong position in the area of cultural exchange, language training and training for teachers of English and Spanish.


EIL, the Experiment in International Living, is a pioneering organization of Cultural Exchange in the world, born in 1932 in the United States, as one of the first international organizations to promote intercultural coexistence programs.

feil-300x296After its founding, the Experiment in International Living expanded its coverage and established representative organizations in many other countries. In 1954 the national offices came together to form the Federation EIL, which established its headquarters in Switzerland and the task of coordinating educational exchange programs was developed. Currently, the Federation EIL brings together eighteen representative organizations: http://federationeil.org/

Its activity was consolidated and expanded to create new programs without changing their philosophy of enabling people of all ages to share experiences, languages and customs with people of different traditions, expanding horizons, creating strong friendships, and promoting peace .

Each “Experiment” is a laboratory without borders. Living with host families, study or adventure tours, experiential learning, cultural immersion, language training, and learning internships, and volunteer work, make participants develop leadership skills, gain valuable international experience, increase their self-confidence, and develop a balanced understanding and respect for different ways of living in the world.


eil-favThe Experiment logo is one of the oldest symbols in the world.

It appeared in India, Iraq and Iran approximately 5000 years ago. It was used by several people, at various times, always positively.

Its unbroken lines symbolize the constant flow of the elements of nature, life, families, generations and cultures.

Its intertwined lines represent the change of experiences and human values among cultures and peoples, reflecting the spirit of cooperation and harmony among them.

It was officially adopted as the logo of the Experiment in International Living in 1951.